About Operation Appreciation

Operation Appreciation is an available resource for our guard and reserve service members. Our mission is to bridge the gap between need-awareness-service for our citizen soldiers and the resources that become available to them once they become a full-time service member via active military orders/deployment.  Our assistance is NOT based on rank, applications or repayment requirements.  Our assistance has no preset limit as we respond to each situation for its own uniqueness and do not put boundaries on the way we are able to provide assistance. On any typical day these service members live, work and play in our communities and are our co-workers, friends, family members.  They have civilian jobs with civilian pay and civilian insurance.  Some are unemployed.  It is at the critical moment of being activated that their world changes.  Everything normal gets put on hold and they now belong to the “Big Military” (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard). These service members and their families do not live on post/base and many do not have easy access to a military institution.  Because they do not have frequent opportunities to mix with other military families, being called to active duty can be a scary emotion filled with fear, insecurity, isolation and sometimes depression or anger.  

Operation Appreciation works hand-in-hand with family resource programs/personnel to identify units that are preparing to deploy, are currently deployed or may be in the process of reintegration to let them know we are here and that they will be taken care of.  It is our every passion to serve these American Heroes and ensure their every need is met.  This could be covering postage for care packages, providing emergency assistance for situations that can (and do) arise when a service member is away, deployment and welcome home ceremonies, traumatic injuries, funerals, PTSD, finding available resources outside our area of expertise…..the need is vast.  The most important aspect of Operation Appreciation is that we find a way to make things happen when other resources may not be available.  We are tenacious volunteers who spend our free time supporting those who provide the freedom we enjoy here in the USA.

Areas of Assistance/Support Initiatives:

  • Support for: Deployed Units, Rear Detachments, Family Members, Training
  • Emergency Relief Assistance
  • Resource Coordination
  • Community Partner

Special Events:

  • Month of the Military Child
  • Christmas Assistance Program
  • Patriotic Holidays, Luncheons, Conventions
  • Military Ball(s)
  • Youth Challenge Academy Mentor
  • Community Partner Events
  • Sporting Events,
  • Retirements/Promotions
  • Departure and Welcome Home Ceremonies
  • Family Day(s)

We have made many friends along the way and hopefully reminded our troops that we love them, appreciate them and need them!

How We Help Our Georgia Guard

Our mission is to locate and support the units, soldiers, projects and/or their immediate family members in the Georgia Guard (both Air and Army) who need special consideration for assistance.  Once a need is verified for a soldier or their family we will set up fundraisers, find donations, bring community awareness and uncover available resources to help them.

Community Involvement

...begins in the heart. Participating in the community with special events, fundraisers and volunteering is the traditional "grass roots" way of finding the needs of our families, neighbors and friends. Involving others creates strong bonds and leads for helping the community grow.

Lead Us To Your Event

Operation Appreciation is looking for opportunities to say "thank you" to our American Heroes. We welcome leads where we can participate on a volunteer basis at events. If you have an event coming up and think that a little red, white and blue will help booster your foot traffic contact us for consideration.

Board of Directors

Beth Waters, President
Vicki Adams, Vice President
Rachelle Orange, Secretary