Red, White & Bear Cabin

Operation Appreciation is proud to announce the construction of our newest resource in our efforts to support our Georgia Guard and Reserve service members, veterans and immediate family members.

Over the past 5 years Operation Appreciation has been approached many times by chaplains, units and military family support personnel to host a veteran in need of a brief get-a-way during their reintegration.  Often times a service member needs a longer transition between active duty, home and work. OpA has paid for a week here or a couple of days there in the Georgia, Tennessee, and North Carolina mountains as "nature" can offer the most amazing comfort and healing.

In 2016, a lot was purchased in the North Georgia Mountains and we are currently building a log cabin that will serve as a permanent retreat for qualifying veterans in need of that small reprieve during their reintegration. By Winter 2016-17, OpA will be prepared to host our veterans....our American they transition back into their civilian lives (upon vetting from their units). It is critical we, as a country, unite and find ways to support this ever growing need....and not fail our veterans that suffer from PTSD.

We are so thankful to Nationwide Log Homes, Inc!